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Our program is specially designed to equip youth and adults who have vocational skill deficiencies and major barriers to employment due to homelessness, incarceration, gang affiliation, criminal behavior, troubled backgrounds and general poverty.

Our students learn industry specific skills as well as general knoledge and attributes that prepares them for employment in any field. We enphisize caraktor development work ethics exccelnce in buiness principals, sfatey standards and more.

Computer refurbsishing

We train our students on the ins and outs of refurbishing a computer to microsoft refurbishing standards! This includes troubleshooting, replacing, cleaning and repairing computer hardware.

Computer software

During the refurbishing and repair training, students learn how instal and troubleshoot microsoft windows products. We also teach software troubleshooting, virus removal and system performance evaluation.

electronics testing

Students learn the basics of how video and sound home electronics work and test these electronics to standards that allow us to provide products to our customers with a 30 day warranty.